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  • Respect for tradition

  • Thirsty for innovation

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Hedonis Brewery

since 2015

Hedonis Ambachtsbier

“Hedonis Craft Beer” was founded, full of passion and the greatest enthusiasm, in 2015. The name Hedonis refers to hedonism, the philosophical movement, in which enjoyment is the highest priority. And of course, tasting our delicious brews are synonymous for enjoyment!

“Craft beer” refers to the explosive trend of traditionally brewed beers. By underlining this, we want to show both our boundless respect for the Belgian beer traditions, and our sense of innovation.

Our new brewery has opened in September 2022. We are 100% responsible for the entire brewing process: from figuring out the recipes, selecting the very best raw materials to the brewing process and the deliveries to your favorite store. We strongly believe in transparency and sustainability: all technical data are on our labels and we always use fair and natural ingredients. Are you a young or an Old Diver? (“Ouwen Duiker”) A big fan of Suzanne? Or do you drink like a bear? Welcome to the world of Hedonis

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